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Three Wine Company is not just a winery; it’s a testament to the enduring bond of family, sustainable viticulture, and the hands-on art of winemaking. Under the expert guidance of Winemaker Matt Cline, this family-run establishment places immense value on the unique characteristics of the soil, the distinct micro-climate, and sustainable wine growing practices, from vine to bottle. These elements form the bedrock of their winemaking philosophy and can be savored in every bottle they produce.

An encounter with Three Wine Company is an intimate experience, whether you’re a visitor in their tasting room or part of the winemaking team. Their facilities are ingeniously combined, allowing patrons to witness the winemaking process up close, enhancing their understanding and appreciation for the craft. Despite his three-decade-long career, Matt Cline remains hands-on, personally sampling each vineyard’s offerings instead of delegating it to an intern or an assistant.

Co-managing the operation is Cline’s wife and business partner, Erin, who oversees the tasting room and manages online sales and business aspects. This dynamic duo collaborates on all facets of their winery, from creating unique names and labels to planning future varietal productions.

Three Wine Company’s dedication extends beyond winemaking. They have a profound passion for preserving and educating about historic varietals native to California, such as Zinfandel, Mataro, and Carignane. In 2014, Matt Cline, in collaboration with the City of Oakley and a group of environmental and historical enthusiasts, saved a historic, high-quality vineyard from being lost. This vineyard is a beautiful example of sustainable agriculture and a living testament to the growers and winemakers of previous generations. The fruits of this vineyard can be found in Three’s Lucchesi Carignane, SMC, CMZ, the Field Blend, and in small percentages in their Zinfandels.

Join us at Three Wine Company, where passion for winemaking intersects with history, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

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