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Silt Wine Company

Nurtured by Clarksburg’s silt soils, Silt Wine Company embodies a generations-old connection to California’s wine regions. Crafted by skilled artisans, this venture is born from the creators of Muddy Boot Wine, showcasing sophistication, polish, and a deep commitment to promoting Clarksburg’s essence.

As stewards of the Clarksburg AVA, Silt Wine Company is devoted to unveiling the grapes and wines shaped by this region’s passion and Delta soil’s gift. Their promise is never to overshadow the fruit with the winemaking process.

With a profound love for their location and craft, they extend various ways to savor Clarksburg. Guests are invited to indulge in personalized wine tastings, with options for Private Tastings and the convenience of enjoying tastings in the serene outdoor garden.

Moreover, Silt Wine Company offers an idyllic setting for dream weddings, featuring picturesque grounds and an elegant barn. A venue tour is followed by wine tastings, providing a preview of the wines to grace your special day.

Discover Clarksburg’s essence and enjoy tailored experiences with Silt Wine Company.

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Silt Wine Company

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