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Scribner Bend Vineyards

Scribner Bend Vineyards, nestled along the scenic Sacramento River, stands as a proud symbol of California’s rich winemaking heritage and its promising future. The vineyard, acquired in 1893 by George Washington Scribner, spans 60 acres and is steeped in the region’s agricultural history. Currently managed by the Scribner family, the winery honors its storied past while innovatively advancing the art of viticulture.

This esteemed vineyard boasts mature Chardonnay vines, some over 60 years old, yielding grapes that form the foundation of Scribner Bend’s distinguished wines. Embracing diversity, the estate has introduced Spanish varietals, further showcasing the unique characteristics of the local terroir.

Scribner Bend offers more than just exceptional wines; it presents an immersive experience. Guests are welcome to explore the family’s heritage, wander among the vines, and delve into the journey from grape to glass. The property also features exquisite event spaces, perfect for special celebrations set amidst the picturesque vine-laden landscape.

Each bottle from Scribner Bend Vineyards narrates a tale of tradition, familial dedication, and a fervent passion for winemaking. Tasting these award-winning wines means partaking in a century-old legacy of love, commitment, and the quest for excellence. Scribner Bend Vineyards invites guests to be a part of this enduring legacy, where every visit resonates with the warmth of home.

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Scribner Bend Vineyards

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