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River Grove Winery

River Grove Winery, set amidst a lush vineyard, embodies the essence of distinguished winemaking. Renowned for crafting exceptional dry estate wines and exquisite Sparkling Wines, the winery’s selections are from meticulously chosen grapes cultivated within its vineyards.

The winery’s white wine collection is a testament to diversity and excellence. Each variety offers a unique tasting adventure, from the refined elegance of the Chardonnay and the crisp zest of the Pinot Grigio to the bubbly sophistication of the Blanc de Blanc Chardonnay Sparkling Wine. Additionally, the anticipated addition of Sauvignon Blanc promises to enrich this esteemed lineup further.

Red wines at River Grove showcase the depth and adaptability of the vineyards. The offerings range from the rich, flavorful Syrah and the smooth and subtle Merlot to the lively Sparkling Shiraz, each reflecting the unique character of the winery’s terroir.

Committed to forging a direct bond with its customers, River Grove Winery engages in direct sales and selective distributor partnerships, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. This dedication is mirrored in the winery’s consistent recognition at international tasting competitions, with every wine released earning accolades.

River Grove Winery invites enthusiasts to discover its award-winning wines’ unparalleled quality and distinctive profiles. It’s an invitation to experience more than just wine tasting; it’s a journey into the heart of winemaking, celebrating the rich bounty of the land transformed into the artful elixirs in each glass.

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