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Miner's Leap Winery

Nestled just a short drive south of Sacramento, in the charming community of Clarksburg, lies Miner’s Leap. This serene winery offers visitors a tranquil escape, where they can unwind and leave the week’s stress behind. With its beautifully manicured landscape, handcrafted wines, and welcoming staff, Miner’s Leap ensures a delightful visit for all.

Guests are invited to revel in the summer concert series, “Music under the Stars,” hosted in the winery’s newly established event center, Gardner’s Grove.

The Miner family boasts a rich lineage of winemaking on the West Coast, tracing back several generations. The legacy began with Loyal’s great grandfather, Loyal Aubrey Miner, a clandestine winemaker in Bothell, Washington during the 1920s. Following Prohibition’s repeal, he received a Presidential pardon and joyfully continued his craft, sharing his wines for many years.

This deep-rooted heritage is the foundation of the passion that current owner, Loyal Miner, pours into every bottle. Embodying a labor of love, their wines are crafted with the hope of becoming a cherished part of family and friend gatherings, just as they are for the Miner family.

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