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Lambeth Family Vineyards

Lambeth Family Vineyards, nestled in the picturesque Clarksburg America Viticultural Area (AVA), embodies the dream and passion of John and Carson Lambeth. Their winemaking journey began with a desire for a rural lifestyle closely connected to the land. This pursuit led them to the Clarksburg AVA, a region famed for its fertile riverbed soils and ideal grape-growing conditions, bathed in warm sunshine by day and cooled by Pacific breezes by night.

In this idyllic setting, they established Screeching Owl Ranch, a 26-acre vineyard that became the heart of Lambeth Family Vineyards. Starting as grape growers, the Lambeths initially focused on growing high-quality Petite Sirah, Albariño, and Tempranillo grapes. Their commitment to quality over quantity soon paid off, producing exceptional fruit that caught the attention of renowned Napa Valley wineries.

As their expertise in viticulture grew, so did their ambition. The Lambeths ventured into winemaking, crafting wines that reflected the unique terroir of the Sacramento Delta. Their limited-production brand, Lambeth Family Vineyards, now focuses on Albariño and Petite Sirah varietals, celebrated for their exceptional growth in the region’s distinct climate.

The family’s dedication to sustainable and meticulous vineyard management is evident in every bottle they produce. Their hands-on approach ensures that each vine receives personal attention, and the grapes are hand-selected at optimal ripeness, resulting in wines that truly represent the land.

The Lambeths’ children, Jack and Regan, have also shown a keen interest in the family business. Jack, in particular, has gained valuable experience through internships at various California wineries and an international stint in France, enriching the family’s winemaking tradition with new perspectives.

Lambeth Family Vineyards has become a symbol of family dedication, quality winemaking, and the embodiment of the Clarksburg wine legacy. Their wines, a product of love, passion, and hard work, offer a taste of the rich Delta farmlands and the family’s commitment to excellence.

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Lambeth Family Vineyards

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