Carvalho Family Winery

Carvalho Family Winery stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Portuguese winemaking in the heart of California. Steeped in family tradition and rich heritage, this winery offers an exquisite selection of wines that expertly blend old-world charm with new-world innovation.

The Carvalho family, with their roots deeply embedded in Portuguese wine culture, brings a slice of Portugal to every bottle they produce. Their commitment to quality and authenticity is evident in the handcrafted wines that showcase the unique characteristics of Portuguese varietals. From robust reds to aromatic whites, each wine is an embodiment of the family’s passion and a celebration of their heritage.

But Carvalho Family Winery is more than just a winemaking venture. It’s a welcoming venue where visitors can indulge in tastings, participate in wine club events, and even host memorable celebrations amidst the enchanting backdrop of the vineyards.

At Carvalho Family Winery, the legacy of Portuguese winemaking is kept alive and shared with every visitor. Experience the warmth of Portuguese hospitality, savor the flavors of our unique wines, and become part of our family’s tradition.

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Carvalho Family Winery

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