Bump City Wine Co.

Bump City Wine Co. is more than just a winery – it’s a celebration of the harmonious relationship between the rich world of music and the craft of winemaking. The winery embodies the spirit of the legendary R&B band Tower of Power’s album ‘Bump City’, and like a great song, each bottle tells a compelling story that unfolds with every sip.

Wines crafted by Bump City Wine Co. are as diverse and dynamic as the musical world that inspires them. Each variety represents a different melody, harmonized through skilled winemaking to bring out the best notes of every grape. From vibrant whites to soulful reds, these wines are crafted to captivate your palate, creating a sensorial experience akin to a musical journey.

In addition to producing exceptional wines, Bump City Wine Co. also offers a unique tasting experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the delightful fusion of music and wine. Here, the rhythm of life is celebrated through the clink of glasses and the sound of great music, making each visit a memorable occasion.

At Bump City Wine Co., the belief is that wine, like music, is a universal language that brings people together. It is a symphony of passion and craftsmanship, a perfect blend of rhythm and vine. So come, join us for a tasting and let your senses dance to the rhythm of our wines!

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Bump City Wine Co.

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